Creativity from Confusion

Have you ever felt misunderstood by choosing a less-than-conventional path? For me, moving to Turkey and marrying a Turkish man often left people confused and curious. While their intentions were sincere, I found that it often took a considerable amount of time and energy to share my story, my love for Turkey, and the culture of this country. As a result, I used this energy to create Hasat and show the beauty of Turkey as a creative expression of my time living abroad. This newsletter is a place to explore Turkish culture, gastronomy, agriculture, and cross-cultural relationships.

As I continue to explore Turkey, I am collecting stories and displaying the beauty of this country through recipes, art, publications, and beautiful products unique to this culture. In the past, I have collaborated with several journals, cookbook publications, art organizations, and online magazines like Friday Arts Project, Table Magazine, and Yabangee.


In 2019, I married into a Turkish family, and food has allowed me to navigate the culture and build deep connections. Turkey is a food-centric culture and a great way to spend time together - there are many specific foods that are only prepared and enjoyed in the community, such as sarma, keşkek, gözleme, etc. Because of this, food plays a leading role in the Hasat vision.

I hope you see elements of culture, food, and growth, with a Turkish/American flair, soaked into the content of Hasat.  This is a simple collection of stories, recipes, and products that matter to me. So if you want to continue to see how the story unfolds, stick with me and subscribe to the newsletter

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I’m Jo, and I write about food, especially Turkish Food. Hasat celebrates all things gastronomy!



My name is Jocette (Jo), and I write about food, especially Turkish food. Hasat celebrates all things gastronomy!