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With over eight years of experience in food writing, content creation, and public relations, I have developed a very keen interest in the food culture of Turkey and Central Asia. After living in Turkey for more than six years, I’ve written and published engaging articles for various online platforms, such as Tasting Table, Yabangee, and The Preserve Journal where I share my insights and knowledge on global food trends, traditions, and issues.

As the founder and content creator of Hasat, a platform that celebrates the food culture of Turkey and beyond, I showcase the beauty and diversity of food in the region and explore the stories behind dishes and ingredients. I have a Master of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy from Boston University, where I studied the interdisciplinary aspects of food, such as history, anthropology, sociology, and politics.

In 2019, I married into a Turkish family, and food has allowed me to navigate the culture and build deep connections. Turkey is a food-centric culture and a great way to spend time together - there are many specific foods that are only prepared and enjoyed in the community, such as sarma, keşkek, gözleme, etc. Because of this, food plays a leading role in the Hasat vision.

I hope you see elements of culture, food, and growth, with a Turkish/American flair, soaked into the content of Hasat.  This is a simple collection of stories, recipes, and products that matter to me. So if you want to continue to see how the story unfolds, stick with me and subscribe to the newsletter

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I’m Jo, and I write about food, especially Turkish Food. Hasat celebrates all things gastronomy!


My name is Jocette (Jo), and I write about food, especially Turkish food. Hasat celebrates all things gastronomy!