February 2023

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Launching the Hasat Monthly Newsletter

January 2022

This kicks off the first Hasat newsletter, "Cuma//joo mah" of 2022. Moving to a new country and the instability of relocation has zapped my creative…

December 2021

So much has changed since the last time I posted on here. We are in Texas, in our new apartment and miles away from our home in our sweet little Turkish…

September 2021

Let's Learn about Mastic Gum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MepbREttF0Y&ab_channel=TRTWorld While mastic is widely known in the Balkans, the Middle…

August 2021

It goes by many names: mahlepi, mahaleb, halub, etc. In Turkey, it goes by mahlep, and until living in Turkey and purposely studying Mediterranean and…

June 2021

Do you have a childhood memory that still fills you with joy and leaves a taste of nostalgia in your mouth? The fall of 1996 holds one of those memories…

May 2021

Yesterday, we made a delicious cake featuring the pomegranate! Melis from @thisismothertongue and I came together to talk about our recent articles…

April 2021

A Collaboration: Mother Tongue and Hasat